Recommended by doctors because it works, my Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Plan for PCOS has helped thousands of PCOS sufferers lose weight, reduce their symptoms and have their longed-for ‘miracle’ babies – when all else failed!

  • You will NEVER be hungry on this plan
  • You MUST eat to lose weight
  • You will be eating MORE than usual on this diet
  • You can start to lose weight IMMEDIATELY on this plan
    It contains:

  • My Healthy Eating Plan,specifically for PCOS
  • My Binge Recovery Guide – to help you stop bingeing FOREVER!
  • My Maintenance Diet to help you keep the weight off once lost
  • VERY EASY 5-minute daily exercises to tone you as you lose weight
  • Details of my famous, patented ‘ROY technique’ to speed up your weight loss
  • Real life stories of mothers and their ‘miracle’ babies
  • More real life success stories of weight loss and improved symptoms
  • Tips on fertility
  • Lifestyle and other tips to help you make the most of the plan
  • A guide to eating out that will help you stick to your diet while you enjoy your life
  • If you follow the guidance in the plan it can help you:

  • Stop cravings
  • Stop bingeing
  • Lose weight
  • Shrink your cysts
  • Reduce your symptoms
  • Significantly improve your chances of pregnancy
  • There are meal plans for you to choose from so you don’t have to think too hard about what to eat. And you won’t have to count calories or worry about stocking up with supplements or replacement meals. This diet uses only REAL FOOD…all you have to do is follow it faithfully.

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