About this book and my Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Plan

Recommended by doctors because IT WORKS!
My Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Plan for PCOS has helped thousands of PCOS sufferers lose weight, reduce their symptoms and have longed-for ‘miracle’ babies – when all else failed!

You will NEVER be hungry on this plan and can start to lose weight IMMEDIATELY! It includes: meal plans for PCOS sufferers, a Binge Recovery Guide to help you stop BINGEING FOREVER!, a Maintenance Diet to keep the weight off, stories of real life ‘miracle babies’, fertility tips and a Guide to  Eating Out.  On this plan you can STOP cravings, STOP bingeing, lose weight, shrink your cysts, reduce your symptoms and improve your fertility, using only REAL FOOD! and some lifestyle changes.  Read the success stories in this book and see for yourself – it really does work!